Marvel Preview – Venom #10

Marvel’s Venom title is making waves at the moment. Rick Remender is crafting an amazing character piece, and the Spider Island arc that has just finished has be an excellent side piece to the main story.

Now Rick is working with a new artist and Flash Thompson and the Symbiote are going in a new direction! Marvel have released a preview of Lan Medina’s incredible art!


New Direction. New Artist. Old Soldiers.

Rick Remender welcomes Lan Medina (Punisher) with American Badness!

Spider-Island has changed everything and now the death of a loved one reminds Flash Thompson that his secret identity is in the hands of the villainous Crime-Master – and the only way to take his life back is to go rogue. But Captain America is out to shut him down. It’s a good old fashioned road trip with Flash Thompson and an alien symbiote!

I cannot stress how good of a book Venom has been these last few months. if you are looking for something different in the Marvel Universe this should be you’re first stop!

Source: Marvel

GS Reporter: Matt Pease

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