Marvel Reveals Plans For “Moon Knight”

Today there was a Press Con call/QandA with Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev and Tom Brevoort which was all about the upcoming “Moon Knight” ongoing from Marvel, which will be written by Bendis and Draw by the ultra talented Maleev which will be hitting stores this May with a Double-Sized first issue.

Below are bullet points with all the important info!

  • Someone asked if this is like getting the band together, but Bendis and Maleev commented that the band never really broke up as they’ve been working continuously ever since Daredevil ended. After they worked on Daredevil they moved on to  Halo, Avengers, Spider-Woman, Scarlet and now Moon Knight.
  • They got to a point on Spider-Woman where the workload was very intense for Alex, and Brian didn’t want to do the book without him and could redirect his Spider-Woman jones to Avengers, where he also writes her
  • The two of them thought about returning to Spider-Woman, but at a creative retreat Joe Quesada pulled Bendis aside and just said “You and Alex. Moon Knight.”

  • Bendis thought a lot about Moon Knight after that and what made him interesting/succesful for so many years, then thought about his own take on the material. He went at it with the idea that we love his personality disorder and how he seems like a one-man “Ocean’s 11,” but sometimes he would get mired in self-loathing and depression. He wanted to do a hero that loved his multiple personalities, where all the personalities worked together.
  • Brian Says Moon Knight being an Avenger plays a big role here, so he’s still a Secret Avenger
  • With Steve Rogers putting him on the Secret Avengers, Moon Knight’s been emboldened to create new personalities that reflect some of the different Avengers members.
  • Moon Knight will be based in L.A. and working as a television producer.
  • Lots of super criminals have migrated to the West Coast since the East Coast is “bad for business.” Moon Knight is out to stop the rise of the “Kingpin of LA,” though Bendis says who this is very big but a mystery to Moon Knight and readers.

  • Bendis wanted Moon Knight to have different things than you’ve seen in other comics. For the idea of the multiple personalities to work, it should be in a city that’s different from the ones you normally see Spider-Man, Captain America, etc. in.

  • Alex asked for as much information on the character from editorial as possible, and he has to admit he loves the classic costume. The bright white costume works because you can see him coming from a distance. He won’t be revamping the costume or any of the tech.
  • Moon Knight will be one of three books that all have a similarity in tone, style, approach. All three with big, exciting creative teams.
  • The second book will be coming in June, the third in July! We’ll be learning what the books and who the creative teams are in the weeks to come.
  • Maleev says that for his style on this series, he’s going back to what he did in the early DAREDEVIL days. He wants to step back from what he’s been doing for the last five, six, seven years. He won’t be using reference, he’ll just be drawing the crap out of it.

  • Moon Knights old Personalities are still there and he isn’t in control of them. He doesn’t contol his new ones ether! If he wants spider-man in charge he might get Wolverine
  • Going back to LA, Bendis is talking about how he’d like to lay the groundwork for another playground in the Marvel U. in Los Angeles. He’s invited all the other creators to bring their characters to the Marvel U. LA as well.
  • The element of the personalities will be lighthearted, but the stakes couldn’t be higher and the storyline couldn’t be more dangerous.  If Daredevil was a 10 in terms of darkness, Moon Knight is an 8, which is still 4 more than most super hero books.
  • Moon Knight will have to go up against villains much more powerful, much more well armed than he is.
  • What about his supporting cast Frenchie and Marlene will be coming down the line, but they’ll focus on new characters as well.
  • We will see other Heroes react to Moon Knight mimicking their personalities
  • The Supernatural elements of Moon Knights past will be played down.
  • Bendis has been working on the Powers TV show for a while now, and the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon for a bit, and he’s using some of his interactions in Hollywood from those experiences in this book
  • Bendis liked the past few years of Moon Knight and hopes that the story they tell will prompt people to read that to see how they got here.
  • Villains appearing in the book?  There will be quite a few cool Marvel villains like Thundra, Titania, Mr. Hyde but mystery of the Kingpin of the LA will drive the story. It is someone Bendis has written before, but the reveal will come at the end of the first arc.

It all sounds very interesting! i’ll be picking up issue 1 for sure to see what it’s like.

Source: Marvel

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  1. Christophe Montoya /

    I loved MK years ago but have not read him for ages. This sounds like fun and I would be willing to buy into this.

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