Marvel Shows Off The NEW Ultimate Spider-Man

Marvel have today revealed the NEW Spider-Man (in the ultimate universe anyway). Whoever this guy is will be taking over after the current Death of Spider-man arc running throughout the Ultimate Universe comes to an end.

We don’t know if Peter Parker is dying for real or if he is just hanging up the tights but what Marvel have said today is that this guy above is not Peter Parker!

So what do you guys think? Who could it be?

Source: Marvel

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. montoc1701 /

    No idea who it could be as I have been out of the Ultimate Marvel U for a few years but I love the costume. It looks and feels right. It also seems to either have been influenced or was the influence for the Marc Webb film costume. Very dark but still Spider-Man

    • i’m in the same boat i’ve not read Ultimate Spidey in years so i have no clue who the main player are! but i agree i like the costume!

  2. I don’t mind the look at all, but when you put Spidey in darker colors (Ultimate or otherwise) and that is reflecting a darkness in his character.

    It looks like it’s black to me, but maybe it’s a very dark blue. To me it feels like the original costume and the venom suit mixed.

    I haven’t read Ultimate Spider-man in a while (just because my plate is full) so I would just say it’s Ultimate Ben Reily. I haven’t read the Ultimate Clone Saga, so I could be very, very wrong.


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