Marvel: Silver Surfer, Phineas & Ferb Assembled & a Guardians cartoon?

marvel-logo1Just how much does Stan Lee REALLY know about a Silver Surfer film, Avengers mash-up Phineas & Ferb, and rumours of a Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon…

The deity-like Marvel icon has stated that Marvel are working up a solo movie for the Silver Surfer, unleashed by Jack Kirby in The Fantastic Four #48, back in 1966 BS (Before SilverFox – no, BS doesn’t sound right there!)

“Back at Marvel, they are frantically looking for what is the next one they’re going to do,” explained Lee, “there is no way they won’t eventually do a Silver Surfer movie. It may not be for a few years because they’re thinking and working on Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy. Everything we have. And the fans seem to want all of them. But they’ll get around to a Silver Surfer feature because he’s a wonderful character.”

Of course, the instant cry of ‘foul’ is that the Silver Surfer rights are still owned (along with the Fantastic Four and Galactus), by 20th Century Fox, who are currently working on a reboot. However, not so long ago (August 2012), there was talk of Marvel doing a deal with Fox to garner access to the cosmic dude and his legendary surfboard in return for extending Fox’s rights to use DareDevil – is  this what Lee is eluding to?!? DareDevil has indeed reverted back to Marvel this year in April, but perhaps another deal is afoot.

Or is Stan Lee just grabbing the limelight…. Nah!!!

On other Marvel related matters (or perhaps that should be Disney), USA Today posted a new clip of the Avengers crossover with Phineas and Ferb new clips… what next Disney, Tony Stark to set up home at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?!?!

And finally, in a recent issue of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy comic, editor Stephen Wacker hinted at a forthcoming cartoon series, courtesy of Disney XD, “Now, look, I can’t officially confirm that we spent a LOT of time talking about the Guardians Of The Galaxy cartoon but wouldn’t that HYPOTHETICALLY… be amazing. Seriously though, don’t ask me about it because it totally didn’t happen.”

When you think about it, it would be a marketing masterstroke. Disney XD has a great Marvel cartoon ensemble with Ultimate Spiderman and Avengers, and they are not afraid to mix it up with it younger content such as F&B. A Guardians cartoon would start grooming the next generation of Marvel Jnr fans to pester their parents to rush to see the movie in 2014. How this would eventually link into big screen Phase 2 movie is anyone’s guess, but I do know this – Disney do know one or two things about marketing to kids…

Source: MTV Geek, Sci-Fi Now, USA Today
Reporter: SilverFox

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