Marvel vs Capcom 3: What can we expect? (Trailer & Screen Caps)

It’s been over a decade since Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes was released, and finally after all this waiting, we have only 21 Days until Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is due to be released. So what can we expect from this continued franchise? Well if you’ve watched the trailer embedded above you may have noticed the same beat ’em up action from previous games. I mean, seriously, I thought that trailer was going to give me a fit there was so much going on, but that’s what we’ve learned to expect from these games (or at least, we should expect it by now!), the press release describes it as:

“Evolved VS. Fighting System: Wild over-the-top gameplay complete with signature aerial combos, hyper combos and other original systems. The evolved new battle system, the “Team Aerial Combo,” takes the exciting mind-reading game to a whole new level!”

Yes, I agree, it definitely seems over-the-top. Whether or not that is a good thing is yet to be seen!

What you may or may not have noticed though is a whole array of new characters. The old classics are all still there, including Spider-Man, Ryu, Wolverine, Morrigan, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Felicia, Chun-Li, Tron Bonne, Magneto and Doctor Doom. However, Viewtiful Joe will be making his debut in the game, and other new playable characters include, Chris Redfield, Thor, Trish, Super-Skrull, Amaterasu, Dormammu, Wesker, X-23, Arthur, Deadpool, Nathan Spencer, M.O.D.O.K. and Dante!

Chris Redfield vs the Hulk? Yes please!

Marvel vs Capcom 3 also boasts 3-on-3 tag team fighting, and the ability to assign unique “Assist Attacks” for each character in your team, a “simple mode” which streamlines your button mapping options, and an all new storyline that sees Magneto teaming up with Albert Wesker.

The old Marvel vs Capcom games were always a lot of fun, even though they tend to be a bit crazy in their gameplay, and this one looks to be no different. With an updated cast, updated graphics and use of the MT Framework, this game will be an improvement on the previous games, and I expect to be a lot of fun. I just hope with everything that’s going on, it’s possible for my brain to keep up with the gameplay!

Check out the screen caps in the gallery below.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is available on 15 February in USA, and 18 February in Europe.

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