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Marvel’s “Vengeance” Live Con Call is over now! An below is the highlights! There is some interesting stuff in there!

Sorry it’s like a stream of consciousness but this is the order it came out in!

  • Vengeance creative team: Joe Casey & Nick Dragotta!
  • Tom Brennan is editor
  • Series kicks off in July and is six issues
  • Joe Casey joked that they’re bringing the big event book back with this series.
  • Tom Brennan says the series is an “exploration of villainy through the eyes of the next generation.”
  • The villains on the covers of the series aren’t all in the “prime state of super villainery.”
  • There’s a new generation of villains coming up in the Marvel Universe that looked to these guys. Some heavy hitters
  • Tom Brennan says they wanted to do a series that focused on the villains, “and naturally when it comes to pure evil Joe Casey comes to mind.” they’re exploring the nature of evil in the Marvel Universe, which has always been more complex than you might see in other comics. Marvel villains have strong motivations.
  • Going into the sketches–some of them are characters we know, some are ones we don’t.
  • What goes into choosing the villains and designing them? Nick says Joe gives him a detailed description of what he wants, then he’ll put his two cents in and they’ll go back and forth. He says he’s already done designs for 17 characters.
  • Nick Dragotta says “If the Marvel Universe is burning in Fear Itself, this is these kids’ response.”
  • They wanted to tell a really epic story. Since Fear Itself is running concurrently with this series, with everyone’s eyes on that series Joe will be doing his own thing on this series. They’re going to push things, and it will be a Marvel comic that’s unlike anything out there right now.
  • The wide range of characters is meant to show the epic scope of this thing. There are young villains, young heroes, older villains, other dimensions of the Marvel U that get involved.
  • Described as a trip through the Marvel Universe.
  • In the first eight pages, they go to Hitler’s Germany, the most insane nightclub, the Nine dimensions, and a homeless shelter.
  • As for whether or not that’s Stacy X, it looks like her, but you’ll have to read the first issue. There will be other characters Joe’s written in the past in this one, though.
  • The classic Marvel villains they’re using and where they’re at at the moment provides a through line and a backdrop for the story. They reflect how fluid the Marvel Universe is, and how it evolves. The reaction of the young characters to the villains is the driving force. For instance, if a young villain who idolizes Magneto finds out he’s a hero now, he’s going to be confused.
  • “If you’re familiar with my work at Marvel over my career, this will have a lot of Easter eggs for you.” -Joe Casey
  • The bulk of the story takes place in the modern Marvel universe; there are just a lot of tangents they go on. Some of it takes place in the past in WWII. There are a lot of places to explore in the Marvel U, and hopefully they’ll hit on a lot of them.
  • How much involvement will the villains have? They’re there, every issue. It’s not like they came up and sit around a table together, but you can look at each cover as a corner of the Marvel Universe that will be explored and looked in on.
  • In the issue with the Doc Ock cover, you’ll be in the Spider-Man/street level milieu, for instance.
  • The issue with the Red Skull cover will deal with the WWII heroes/villains, and reveal a secret from the past that hasn’t been seen.

  • Is there any tie between the six characters we’ve seen in teasers and the six villains on the covers? No, they just wanted to put out the six character designs that they thought would get people talking.
  • There’s a character there called the Ultimate Nullifier who Joe says is “the coolest thing,” and a new Miss America
  • Structure of the book: It’s a big, sprawling epic, where each issue will have sort of special guest stars. It’s not an anthology or a series of one-shots. The characters that carry through the whole stories, each in their different ways, deal with the villains in their own ways
  • Lady Bullseye will be appearing in the Bullseye issue
  • In the Bullseye issue, Bullseye’s dead. What does it mean that one of the most deadly villains in the Marvel U is dead? What does it mean that Lady Bullseye is out there? Is she a true successor?
  • The Villains that each issue will focus on are Magneto, Red Skull, Loki, Doctor Octopus, Bullseye and Doctor Doom.
  • Joe is joking that Captain America is “too low on the pay scale for this book.” The two characters with Cap-like designs aren’t tied to Cap, though but one is a Cap Fan.
  • While they’re exploring villainy in the book, you’ll also see how the young characters perceive the heroes. Since the public in the Marvel U doesn’t always have the same perspective on events as the reader does, how do they perceive the heroes’ actions?
  • Question about the series title–they’re dealing so much with what these villains have done and the legacy they’ve left behind. There is no “moment of vengeance” or anything like that, but the legacy the villains have left behind involves a lot of anger.
  • “You might be able to change the world, and these kids are going after that idea with a vengeance.” -Nick Dragotta That’s how this series views “Vengeance,” not as revenge
  • If Vengeance is successful, would they like to explore more of what the characters think of the heroes? Nick and Tom both say that they’d like to see more of these characters, and Joe’s descriptions for each character were almost like pitches for solo series unto themselves.
  • Is the title Vengeance at all a nod to “Acts of Vengeance?” “Yes” is all Tom Brennan will say.
    There was also a lot of laughter from Joe Casey and Brennan yelling “Next question!”
  • Will we see significant changes in the new characters over the course of the six issues, since this series deals so much with the evolution of characters? Absolutely. by the end, they’ll all be in different places. “Not only that, but some of them are going to die!” Casey chimes in.

Source: Marvel

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