Masks and Mobsters Gets Hardcover from Image/Shadowline

MasksAndMobstersMasks and Mobsters, the former digital only title gets a hardcover collection through Image Comics/Shadowline.

Hailed as one of the best new webcomics of 2012 when it first was published digitally by Monkeybrain, Masks and Mobsters is a story of capes versus Tommy guns. Now, Image Comics/Shadowline is collecting the digital series in a hardcover that contains all seven issues. Written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Mike Henderson, Ryan Cody, Jason Copland, and Justin Greenwood, Masks and Mobsters deals with the struggles of mobsters and superheroes each vying for control in Golden City.

Williamson imagines a world where superheroes don’t just start appearing in comics in the 1930s and 1940s, but also in real life. These heroes start confronting the underground mob powers and upset the status quo that has stood for so long.

“One of the things that always has stuck with me was… if all these superheroes started to pop up, how did that affect the mob’s business?” said Williamson. β€œThe masked men couldn’t be paid off, and the supervillains didn’t care about paying dues, right? How did organized crime deal with it all? I wanted to see that world from their perspective.”

MASKS AND MOBSTERS is a 128-page, black and white hardcover, retailing for $19.99 (ISBN 978-1-60706-765-8). It will be in stores on July 3 and can be pre-ordered from the May issue of Previews.

Reporter: Leo Johnson

Source: Image Comics

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