Mass Effect 3: Have You Got All The Backstory You Need?

Do you want to get the fullest experience possible from Mass Effect 3? Have you been keeping up with the tie-in novels and comics? If you have, then you’ll spot references to their events in the game. An obvious one will be the fact that x**&&*(6 are in control of &%^$%^( in the game (No Spoilers from me!) and the comics reveal exactly how that happened.  A list of the tie-ins to look out for is included after the break!

Find out about Anderson’s adventures both before meeting Shepard and after the events of the first game in the fantastic trilogy of novels by Drew Karpyshyn:

  • Revelation;
  • Ascension;
  • Retribution
The novels expand the back-story of the Mass Effect Universe as well as providing new heroes, villains and threads that are picked up in Mass Effect 2 and 3 (for example – see how Cerberus attacked the Migrant Fleet, causing the initial hostility shown to Shepard in Mass Effect 2).
The novels are excellent reads in their own right and manage to touch on the events of the games while remaining independent stories.
The comic series’ from Dark Horse are a slightly different kettle of fish, as most of the protagonists come from the games themselves and so require some game-knowledge. That said, they are great adventure yarns and look superb (as I’ve come to expect from Dark Horse). So pick up the following titles to complete your Mass Effect Immersion!
  • Redemption;
  • Evolution;
  • Invasion
Eagle-eyed readers will notice I haven’t listed the fourth Mass Effect novel. Unfortunately, the number of continuity and lore-based errors is huge so I can’t in good faith recommend it for reading!
Source: Dark Horse Release

GS Reporter: WedgeDoc

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