Master the Force with this Force Glove

Is it a collectible, is it a toy, or is it a learning device. Well according to the makers it is all three. I can see how this would be fun for the children and also it would be great at fancy dress parties to impress your friends and of course at conventions it would go down a storm.

The glove is going for $19.99 at Neatoshop and $17.99 at Amazon. Read the specs below and tell us what you think about it.

The Force Glove
Use The Force, Luke … or whoever you are. The Force Glove helps kids discover the power of magnetism in a fun and educational way!

Fun and educational Star Wars-themed toy
Includes: 1 Force Glove, 1 glove magnet, 1 magnetic base, 2 targets and 1 learning guide
Push and pull targets based on which side of the magnet you choose
Glove has screenprinted design
Magnet is embossed with the Imperial crest on one side and the Rebel Alliance logo on another
Targets are designed to look like Droids and Light Saber
Glove is one-size fits most kids ages 6+

So is it to pricey for what it does or should you do as a friend of mine says and “just put a magnet in a Marigold” and be done with it.

Source: Netoshop
GS Reporter: Montoya

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