MCM London October 2015: EuroCosplay Championship

This MCM Comic Con London was the first time I attended the EuroCosplay Championship, previously I’d seen the judges panel and the winner’s panel the next day but this year I wanted to see all the action as it happened.

The following photos are all raw and unedited – I’m not a photographer but I did my best despite the lighting being… well… let’s just say I heard a number of complaints from photographers and audience members about how the lighting during performances wasn’t great. I know those sitting further back in the audience actually had problems being able to see anything for the most part and that is a terrible shame, because the competitors had some amazing craftsmanship in their cosplays.

Below is a gallery of photos from the championships, apologies about there only being a couple for so of the entrants but, as I mentioned, I’m not a photographer and I found shooting with some of the lighting to be tricky – sorry!

Head over to the EuroCosplay Championship’s Facebook page for photos and links to the cosplayer’s own pages.

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