MCM: Registration Now Open For World Cosplay Summit’s UK Qualifiers

Think you and your costume are good enough to compete on the big stage against other cosplayers? Registration for the World Cosplay Summit’s UK Qualifiers is now open, so sign up and get making that costume!



The World Cosplay Summit: it’s like Eurovision, but with beautiful costumes instead of bad singing and without out the sassy commentary from Graham Norton. The UK qualifiers are being held at MCM Expo London this year for the first time ever. It’ll all take place Saturday 28th, when two lucky winners will be flown off to represent GB in Japan for the WSC Finals, as well as a week of doing fun tourist stuff.

Sounds like something you want to win? Then register here! You must be able to enter a team of 2 cosplayers and be able to take part in the masquerade on the Saturday. All the rules and regs can be found here. MCM Expo is at the Excel Centre, London from 27-29th May.

We look forward to seeing all the teams at MCM! Even if you’re not entering, be sure to make it to the masquerade- it’s gonna be awesome.


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

Source: MCM Expo

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