Meet the #nitTWITS in a New Comedy Web Series

#nitTWITS is a webseries of comedy shorts centred around the idea that it would just be really funny to see some of the funniest Tweets on the internet in live-action …and it really works. No subject is off-limits for this comedic endeavour; They’ve covered everything from home invasion etiquette to adventures in alcoholism. Even drunken party lesbian lip-locking is are fair game.

Many of the Tweets themselves come from other social media users. “MUTE FOR MURDER” is a great example of a #nitTWITS short inspired by AND starring the Tweeter himself. “THE GIFT BAG” was tweeted by and written into a short by the user, and stars some of #nitTWITS revolving cast members. One last short that’s worth watching is “THE PARTY”, notable because it stars one actor from our very own nerd herd, Simon Helberg aka Howard Walowitz from TV’s The Big Bang Theory.

Series creators Mark Mathias Sayre (@XMASWARMACHINE) and Amber Tozer (@AmberTozer) coincidently, met each other on Twitter. Both work in comedy and acting while maintaining secondary occupations; Mark is also a filmmaker and self-professed Franzia connoisseur while Amber is also a professional writer and …certified behavourist. YOWZA!

You can watch Every. Single. Episode. Here.

Source: nitTWITS
Reporter: Jolie

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