Meet the Zeroes! 1 to 6 Web Comic Review

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Written by Rob Dunlop

Art by Peter Lumby

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I just discovered this new web comic from the guys over at Tozzer who did the excellent Peckerwood 24 minutes that we reviewed a while back on the podcast.

Zeroes, as you may, have guess is a send up of the Heroes TV show and judging by the 6 parts which I’ve just read a pretty funny one.

The art, like Peckerwood: 24 minutes, is great. I think in a parody comic it’s important to get make sure you can recgonise the characters from the TV show and Peter Lumby’s art does this to great effect (Sylar’s single eyebrow needs to be seen to be believed).

The humour may not be for everyone (those who don’t like panty gags…steer l clear) and not all the gags worked for me but there was more than enough to give me a chuckle. Rob knows his heroes and has a lot of fun sending up their powers and catch phrases. It was also cool to see one particular cameo from 24 minutes! I’m looking forward to seeing some of the other heroes put in an appearance. You can a field day with that annoying brother and sister from the second series.

Also it’s free so where can you go wrong!

If you like heroes and won’t throw a fit if someone has a few laughs at it’s expense I’d definately check out the webcomic.

I hope after a while it will be available in a printed format. Here’s part one head over to the Tozzer website to check out the others.

GS reviewer: The Nuge

Rate it: 3.5/5 obviously as the webcomic goes on (or finishes) that score could change.

Dry slaps: 0

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  1. Hmm. Not sure about it I must say. I love the artwork and respect any creators who can plot / write and draw this stuff and I absolutely love humerous parody. But I didn’t chuckle much through that. The Parkman and Hiro alikes are really recognisable and that monobrow is awesome!

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