Meridian: New World – A New RTS Game

Meridian New World
A brand new RTS is due to come out in the not too distant future, and amazingly it’s being made by one man. Read on to find out more about Meridian: New World


I’ve been a fan of RTS games for years now, but to be honest they’ve felt a bit samey to me over the last few years. Can Meridian: New World break the mould?

Check out the trailer below and see what you think:


Meridian: New World is the work of one man Ede Tarsoly under the company Elder Games and has been in development for only around two years. It’s advertised as a single player game and I’m happy with that being the case, I’ll be honest on-line playing has never really grabbed me with RTS games, so when I saw this video it intrigued me. Granted it doesn’t look that ground breaking but with it focused on just single-player gameplay and storytelling I think it may just be something a bit new.  The visuals certainly look good from the trailer…

Here’s the write up about the game:

Play as Daniel Hanson, commander of the first expedition to planet Meridian and uncover the dark secrets it holds! Shape the world around you with every decision you make and through every dialogue with your crew. Meridian: New World offers countless options to devise your own strategy, including various equipment options for your units and special abilities for you to rely upon. Use your abilities anywhere on the battlefield and turn the tide of battle by weakening the enemy troops. Alternatively take the covert approach and sabotage the enemy power supply to shut down their production. You can rely entirely on researching superior weapons or special abilities. Or you can risk building a large economy, constructing a massive army from your enormous resources. The strategy you use and how many troops you sacrifice to reach your goal will influence the attitude of your crew towards you.

Features of Meridian:
• Traditional RTS gameplay with a focus on strategy – the forceful approach rarely works
• Experience a world of choices where every decision has an impact on the world around you
• Use the right tool to get the job done: equip your units with 15 different weapons
• Gain XP during battle and upgrade your commander profile with special combat abilities
• Get to know the people on board your ship: by talking to them, you influence the crew’s behavior
• Including a full level editor and scripting tool used to build the campaign maps will be available
• Never run out of maps with the in-game custom map downloader and official levels released frequently after release

At present there is no release date for this game but when we find out more we will let you know.

Source: Eurogamer
Reporter: JMS1701

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