Merlin cast talk Season 3 at the MCM Expo

Once again I had the pleasure of participating in a press conference with the Merlin gang at the MCM Expo in May.  Attemding were Colin Morgan (Merlin)  Katie McGrath (Morgana), Angel Coulby (Guinevere) and Johnny Capps (Producer).   The guys remembered me from my time spent on the set last year and I tried my best not to engage with the envious looks from the gathered male press as Katie (Morgana) gave me a hug of greeting, but I don’t think I was very good at not lookng smug.

The first few questions were thrown in by our friends at Geeky Girls love sci-fi then there were some other questions from somene whose outlet I didn’t catch, so apologies to them; and finally I double teamed with Jimmy from Comic News Insider for the last few questions.

Click below to listen, check out the pics and I hope you enjoy – it looks like Merlin may have answered some of last seasons criticisms and going to new and darker places

Merlin Press Conference

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  1. shelly /

    Is there any way you could upload this to Youtube or something? I’m having a very hard time listening to the whole thing – it keeps freezing up for me and then I have to replay the whole thing from the start because I can’t drag the bar across to where it left off.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Hi Shelly, I may be able to get this onto youtube but may take a few days. In the meantime you can download the mp3 of the conference rather than trying to listen to it online. Just right click on the link and select the ‘save link as’ option. You should be then be able to listen to it using the audio player of your choice.

  2. elaine /

    Thank goodness the American guy was there as he asked Angel a question and she wasn’t completely overlooked.

  3. Connie Colvin /

    Hello, would it be possible to make a transcript of the press conference. My computer cannot easily even listen to MP3s or what you have, wish I could. If at all possible make a transcript, as I am a big American fan of the show, thank you.

  4. donatus /

    i need the season 3 merlin to be out

  5. schola celes /

    when is Merlin season 3 coming out

  6. I need the Season three to be out now as I am too anxious.

  7. Wow! i never see firm like this.

  8. Antwi lawrence /

    am dying awaiting the season 3.greetings to GAUIS.he is now my man

  9. Merlin 3 is already in nigeria by don movie .but only 2 epsiode,we in naija need all the epsiode of season 3

  10. By fehmzy /

    The season 3 of merlin is very exiting…

  11. opoku amos /

    hi,is the seassion 3 the last.

  12. samson edah /

    pls can u give me a verify result dat merlin stop @ season 3

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