Merlin’s 5th Series DVD Boxset Hits Number 1!

merlins5dvdsetDid you think the Merlin love was going to end anytime soon? Not if I have anything to say about it! We held a competition a few weeks back to win the Complete Fifth Series of Merlin.

It was one of our most popular contests ever and the people have spoken as not only did the show’s leading man, Colin Morgan pick up the NTA award for Best Male Drama Performance and but the DVD boxset hit #1 on the TV DVD charts! Check out the details behind the cut:

The DVD, which features all 13 episodes of the dramatic and final Series 5, also contains a unique extra, generated by Merlin Facebook fans, which helped to boost pre-orders. As part of the extras disc, alongside the usual out-takes and behind-the-scenes footage, is a selection of fifteen fan-generated videos of classic Merlin scenes – acted by the fans themselves. This unique content was part of a competition in the build up to the DVD’s release and saw many hundreds of fans take part, with thousands more spreading the word and pre-ordering the DVD.

Tristan Whitlam of Fremantle Media, which released the DVD, said ‘The fan video idea was a great way of generating real interest in the DVD. Merlin fans are passionate about the show with over1 million of them on the Merlin Facebook page. We knew that if we could engage with them in something that was fun and inclusive, we could potentially see some amazing pre-order numbers, which we have done. Like Colin’s Award last week, our success with the DVD is thanks to the amazing Merlin fans.”

Merlin the Complete Series 5 DVD / Blu-Ray are out now on Fremantle Media Enterprises and you can pick up a copy at Amazon UK. Keep an eye out for our review of the boxset in the next few days!

Source: Fremantle Media Enterprises
Reporter: Sharlene Mousfar

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