Merlin’s Colin Morgan to Star in New BBC Drama ‘Quirke’

colinmorganBig news for fans of Merlin! Colin Morgan is set to return to the silver screen in their new drama “Quirke” set in 1950’s Dublin.

The 3-episode series is adapted from novels by Benjamin Black, the pseudonym of award-winning Irish author John Banville and stars Gabriel Byrne in the title role. Morgan will appear in the third episode of entitled “Elegy for April” and you can find details about his character and the series behind the cut.

Twitter was buzzing last night when a fellow actor cast in the series let it slip that he’d be working with Morgan, best known for his work as lead actor in Merlin as well as roles in indie films Parked and Island.

He may not have known what he was getting himself into as at the time, there was no official confirmation of Morgan’s involvement. But earlier today, BBC confirmed his guest star role in the series:

Adapted by screenwriters,  Andrew Davies and Conor McPherson, the story goes like this: Quirke is the somber and lonely chief pathologist of the Dublin city morgue who becomes an accidental investigator when he starts looking into the death of one of the people on his mortuary slab. What he finds is that each victim may be more closely linked to his past than he ever thought possible. Forced to confront his sins, he digs into his messy family history with interesting consequences.

Each of the three 90-minute episodes will deal with each book in the series: “Christine Falls”, “The Silver Swan” and “Elegy for April” and Morgan’s character, Jimmy Minor appears in the third episode where Quirke is readjusting to the outside world again after leaving rehab. His daughter Phoebe (Aisling Franciosi) is worried about her friend, April Latimer’s, disappearance. She convinces her father to look into what might have happened and finds that April’s family and friends don’t seem very concerned about the situation.

One of April and Phoebe’s friends is Jimmy Minor, an “energetic and dashing” yet tactless young reporter who works for the Evening Press. Described as a “man of the world” by Quirke, he knows more about April’s life then he lets on and is a recurring character in this episode and in future episodes if the series continues on.

Quirke has been filmed on location in Ireland since November and is expected to be broadcast later in 2013.

Source: BBC, IMDB, Louise Kiely Casting
Reporter: Sharlene Mousfar

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  1. That’s marvellous! I’m so eager to see more of Colin Morgan’s shining acting!

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