Microsoft to Revive Heroes TV Show via X-Box?

HEROESSave the cheerleader – save the series…

Rumour has it that MicroSoft may revive hit TV series Heroes as part of its campaign to increase originally produced media content on the XBox platform. NBC and Microsoft are in negotiations to return the show to screens with a new line-up of heroes, and include some cameos from the original series cast.

In addition to upping the content, sources have indicated a low-cost “Xbox TV” set-top box is in the works, apparently due for release in 2014. The long-term belief is the broadcast TV is dead, and VoD (video on demand) is the future: how much time do you spend watching YouTube vs when was the last time you made a point of being in front of the TV for a broadcast programme?

Heroes seems a good choice for Microsoft; it has a loyal and dedicated fan base and its premise could easily be adapted to feature a fresh set of actors. Recent successful revivals of cult TV shows funded by the likes of Kickstarter and Netflix will have warmed Microsoft to the idea.

Source: Engadget
Reporter: SilverFox67

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