Microsoft Xbox Live Membership for £24.99

Today when I turned on the Xbox360 to play some Halo: Reach i saw a offer for the Gold Membership. I only had a silver as i had let it laps a few months back as I wasn’t playing online much! well when i saw that they were giving the Gold membership away for £24.99 i jumped at the chance! thats 40% off! A 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription would usually set you back £39.99.

Already got a subscription? Buy now and the 12 months will be added on to your existing subscription. You’ll be charged after your current subscription expires, according to Microsoft. so GO NOW and grab this offer before Microsoft snatch it back!

For a limited period, Microsoft are offering a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold and a free Halo: Reach Avatar item for only £23.99.

The special offer, which shaves 40% off the standard price of Xbox Live Gold, is available to buy through the Spotlight channel on the Xbox 360 dashboard. The deal includes a free Noble 6 helmet for your Avatar.

Oh and on a personal note, Since i let my subscription lapse a few months back i now have no xbox live friends to get my self shot by! so if you want an easy target to fire white hot bolts of plasma at add my gamertag “MatPease”

GS Reporter: Matt

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