Mighty Marvel Shakeup: Final Issues and The Dawn of the Marvel NOW! Era in October

Last week we had the teasers for Marvel NOW!, the publisher’s latest initiative to revamp the Marvel Universe in the wake of the Avengers vs X-Men event, with several new series announced as part of the changing shape of their fictional world. On Tuesday we got the October Solicitations which teased the first of the new Marvel NOW! series  – Uncanny Avengers – and added about nine surprises: nine Marvel series will get the axe in October.

Captain America, Fantastic Four, FF, The Incredible Hulk, The Invincible Iron Man, The Mighty Thor, Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, and X-Men Legacy will be seeing their final issues this October.

Coupled alongside that, several notable creator runs will see their respective conclusions. Brian Michael Bendis will begin the final story arc of his decade-long tenure on the Avengers franchise with a crossover entitled ‘End Times’. The story will run across Avengers and New Avengers and will involve “one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in Avengers history”.

Kieron Gillen will conclude his tenure on the splendid adventures of Kid Loki in Journey into Mystery, though there is nothing in the October solicits that suggests the book is ending.

Fantastic Four and FF scribe Jonathan Hickman wraps up his critically acclaimed run on the complementary titles about Marvel’s First Family and at the same time Marvel has decided to end both series. Perhaps because they couldn’t line up a creative team to top that of Mister Hickman? Who knows, but a relaunch is probably not too far off as the Fantastic Four is one of the oldest books in the Marvel cannon (technically being the first of the ‘Marvel Age’).

Ed Brubaker reaches the finale of his run on Captain America and his last issue will be a final one, with a series relaunch forthcoming as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative, likely helmed by Cullen Bunn who has been sharing scripting duties with Brubaker for some time now on both the Captain America and ‘Captain America and _’ team-up book (which has retained the original series’ numbering).

Those geeks scared of experiencing Brubaker withdrawal should never fear as the scribe won’t be leaving all of his characters that he has developed over his Captain America tenure. Winter Soldier will be carrying on with the espionage adventures of Bucky Barnes and the Black Widow as Ed Brubaker begins his departure from mainstream superheroes towards his growing stable of creator-owned work.

In a recent interview with the Comics Reporter, Brubaker said about his work on the title: “That’s going to be my only Marvel book soon. I’ll do The Winter Soldier as long as it lasts… or, I’ll do it for as long as I can.”

Invincible Iron Man and The Mighty Thor will be getting the FINAL ISSUE treatment but there is not much to suggest writer Matt Fraction will be departing both characters. Also the solicitation for the final issue of Invincible Iron Man suggests this might be the beginning of a new era in some shape or form. Lets not forget that Marvel NOW! has announced a relaunch for Invincible Iron Man and Thor complete with new numero unos.

Three X-Men comics will see an ending in October. Uncanny X-Men, which had previously been relaunched following the X-Men’s Schism event, will likely be replaced by the announced All-New X-Men book helmed by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen, as well as Rick Remender and John Cassaday’s Uncanny Avengers which will act as a bridging book between Uncanny X-Men and the Avengers.

X-Men Legacy and New Mutants’ cancellations come as a very mild surprise. Were they cancelled due to their loss of relevance in the Marvel NOW! era or dropped due to lack of sufficient sales? There is always the (unlikely) possibility they may be relaunched but that is not as likely as the relaunch of, say, Incredible Hulk or the Fantastic Four in the very near future. Marvel has yet to deliver any word on these, however.

So much moving and shaking, this Geek wishes he had a diagram to keep track of what is happening to the Marvel Universe and its creative teams.

Sources: Marvel, Newsarama, ComicBookResources, The Comics Reporter

GS Reporter: Dean Simons

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