Minster of Chance Audio Drama Launches Funding Campaign for Episode 4

The quest for funding begins again for the cast and crew of  Minster of Chance to produce episode 4.

If you have read of my review of episode 3 of Minster of Chance then you’ll know I have a lot of love for this Sci-Fi/Fantasy Audio Drama. There was a bit of gap between episodes as the team worked hard to raise the money to produce episode three, which launch last week. The guys have now thrown caution to the wind and decided to dive straight back into a funding campaign for episode four. So far the campaign has been going well and has already raised 25% of the cash needed to produce episode four.

We would love to make the next episodes as soon as possible. Our wonderful cast and crew work on extremely low pay because we believe passionately in the project, but we also have studios, bandwidth, equipment, transport, licenses, websites, admin and a lot of other costs to cover. The Minister is funded ONLY by contributions. We are not funded by the BBC, The Government, or any other criminal organization. If you can help us to keep our paper boat afloat and spread this wonderful series throughout the World, we hope we can give you some fun in return (see perks on the left), as well as many seasons of thrills in the future. Please join our family of producers and help to keep the tradition of radiophonic drama alive!

Do you have your own perk that you’d like to suggest?

Head over to the Minster of Chance funding page to can check out all the funding options on offer. Something tells me that at this rate we won’t have to wait long for episode four.

So can also listen to all the episode so far, for free here. Have a listen as it’s a fantastic production.

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