Miss Piggy to host the BAFTAs and The Muppets Press Conference Report

This week the unbelievable news that somehow the BAFTAs have secured one the biggest superstars in the world to cover the Red carpet at the British awards event. Also we report from the The Muppets press conference



  • The ‘Orange BAFTA Red Carpet Show With Miss Piggy’ will be available from orange.co.uk/bafta on Monday 13 February

Orange announced that, in her own words, “international star, role model and diva,” – the fabulous Miss Piggy – is set to put her unique questions to the great and the good of the international movie scene at this weekend’s Orange British Academy Film Awards ceremony as the host of its ‘Orange BAFTA Red Carpet Show With Miss Piggy’.

Miss Piggy needs no introduction; star of film, TV and the upcoming Disney movie ‘The Muppets’ released nationwide on February 10th, she has been a pop culture icon known for her wit, charm and for having a certain frog on her arm. In a UK first she will be anchoring the ‘Orange BAFTA Red Carpet Show With Miss Piggy’ from the ceremony, conducting interviews and analysis with the leading lights of the movie industry; from the huge array of home-grown talent as well as many famous faces flying in from around the globe, in her own inimitable style.

The glittering awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 12 February at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London just two days after ‘The Muppets’ goes on general release across the UK.

Miss Piggy commented on her role: “Imagine the likes of Clooney, Dujardin, Fassbender, Oldman and Pitt achieving the very pinnacle of their careers by getting a chance to speak with the one and only moi—Miss Piggy!  Naturally, I will be asking questions that only moi would dare to ask.

So live your dreams vicariously through me and tune in Monday 13th February to see lots of MOI on the red carpet with my fellow A-List actors. I can hardly wait…and neither can they!”

Geek Syndicate went along to the Disney press conference of The Muppets and it was hilarious! We are all shuffled into the screening room and waited patiently for the press conference to begin. The man from Disney bounded on stage and introduced us to the director of The Muppets James Bobbin. As I mentioned in my review it was a big gamble for Disney to give a franchise like this to a British man whose was more suited to adult humour like Borat.

James Bobbin started to discuss how he was a huge Muppets fan when he was younger and that he found that he liked the humour on the show. He always related this to a good memory where he and his sister used to sit down at the same time to watch a show they both enjoyed. This is a part of the attraction of The Muppets because it was a family show that was enjoyable and funny to both adults and children alike.

Then it was time to meet one of the main guests and stars of the show Kermit. The green star came on stage to a huge round of applause. To see this legendary character from my childhood was a curious moment because I could both see that this was a Muppet but also Kermit in the flesh. I was sold, he was here in front of me walking talking and making jokes. Kermit firstly apologised for the lack of Miss Piggy who had gone missing but was last seen in the bar.

For the next 10 minutes the press asked Kermit various questions including if he still felt a passion for his journalists days back on Sesame Street. Kermit replied yes he did and he still had the coat. He also stated that he would love to cover the Olympics and maybe the Leap Frog in particular. Other topics included Kermit wanting to do a Bollywood movie but maybe not with Miss Piggy, covering the next US Presidential election and the auditions he did not get including the Hulk (he was to small) and Yoda (he was not old enough.

Then the one and only Miss Piggy finally arrived but as she was getting to the stage in typical Piggy fashion she fell over! A bit too much champagne I would guess. The duo discussed the latest phone hacking scandal and Miss Piggy admitted she was happy to hack peoples phones and they both agreed that the Muppets movie was not about oil as mentioned by Fox News but in fact that Fox News was not news. Miss Piggy revealed her secret about not aging and it was simply that she refused to grow old.

They all discussed making the movie and how much fun it was to get the gang back and hope to reach a new generation of fans. I agree 100%. The Muppets movie is a return to form for everyone especially us older fans who never knew how much the missed them.

GS Reporter: Montoya

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