Montague’s Mount Coming Soon To A Computer Near You

montagues mount
Independent developer Polypusher Studios has announced the release of it’s debut game ‘Montague’s Mount’. It is due to be launched on Wednesday 9th October and will be available on PC, Mac and Linux systems.

Monatague’s Mount will be available on Good Old Games, Get Games and GamesGate. And Steam subscribers/fans can vote for the game on Greenlight.

Here’s the games write-up:

Montague’s Mount is a first-person rollercoaster ride through isolation, desolation and one man’s tortured mind, set against the bleakness of an isolated Irish island. The player regains consciousness on a windswept beach, with no memory of the past. Exploration and puzzle solving are the key to finding out what happened – and to escaping the island. Polypusher is a one-man studio based in Ireland and the game blends personal experience with realistic landscapes and makes extensive use of the Gaelic language throughout.

And if that doesn’t sound cool enough for you then how about this…….For the first time it will be playable on the Oculus Rift – very cool.

Matt Clifton of Polypusher Studios had this to say about it:

“I first heard about the Oculus Rift during the early development of Montague’s Mount and it was immediately clear that this was perfect for my game, with its focus on exploration and suspense. I backed it at Kickstarter and have been working on integrating support ever since I got the dev kit. It opens up a whole new dimension for games like mine.”

In order to mark the upcoming release a developer commentary video has been released. Neil McKenna at Mastertronic explained:

“We all loved Montague’s Mount from the moment we first saw it. We loved the way that Matt has told a very adult horror story – there are no zombies here, but a chilling story that is all too real. We loved the gritty depiction of Irish rural life, so far removed from the popular image of that country. And most of all, we loved the passion that Matt had invested in the game. This was a game that he really needed to make. We have done certain things to polish it up, but we have never interfered with Matt’s original vision, as we could never have improved upon it. The new trailer showcases all that is great about the game.”

Check out the trailer below:


For further information and a link to the Steam Greenlight page head to

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