Moon Colouring Book to Launch at MCM Comic Con 2015

Back when I was a kid and had delusions of growing up to be a world renowned artist (I was that kind of a kid) I loved colouring books. Give me some black and white images and a bag of colouring pencils and I was as happy as pig in…well you know the rest.

Fast forward to today or rather this weekend and the team at Beyond the Bunker who will be launching their own colouring book at the MCM Comic Con in London.

Beyond the Bunker are going through something of a revolution. With a new website with in built shop where all the merch that you can find at cons is available, plus one or two online exclusive pieces and limited edition Moon artwork will be popping up on a semi-regular basis. Add to the release of three exclusive posters, no less than 30 new prints to mark the current end of the Moonies collection of prints until next October and Volume 1 of Moon and Shades Rodriguez Colouring and Activity book that reveals through the majesty of black and white pictures and trivia secrets about the past, present and future of the Moon universe.  – Beyond the Bunker

I’ve been seeing some pages for the colouring book via the artist Steve Penfold’s Facebook page and it looks fab. The book itself uses characters from the Beyond the Bunker’s signature title comic Moon. The comic tells the story of the moon (yes that moon) who every day comes down to earth, throws on a suit and investigates ridiculous crimes.

We reviewed issue 1 of Moon on GS and rather enjoyed it. Steve’s art is fantastic and lends itself very well to the whole colouring book.

So if you got a bag of colouring pencils knocking about and you after something to let them loose on then check the Moon colouring book at MCM.


Source: Beyond the Bunker
GS Blogger:  Nuge

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