Moose Kid Comics Releases Special Christmas Issue to Help Raise Funds for Hospitals!

Those crazy cats (hmm doesn’t anyone talk like that anymore I wonder outside of scooby doo) behind the fantastic and free children comic Moose Kid Comics are getting well into the strip of Christmas. How are they doing that? Well for one thing they are bringing out a special fr 16 page Christmas mini-issue which will feature twenty-seven comic artists and the comic is free to read on the Moose Kid Comics website.

In the special comic readers a promises festive goodies including idiotic elves, tormented Santas, snowball fights and furious food, not to mention yetis, unicorns, spaceships and culinary kittens.

Now to get serious for a moment Moose Kid have also started s fundraising campaign over on The aim of the campaign is to get comics into children’s hospitals, hostels, wherever they can help raise a smile. In partnership with the charity Readathon the plan is to try and raise at least £2,000, to fund the printing and distribution of issue 1 and 2 of Moose Kid around the UK.

Moose Kid Comics, the free online children’s comic, is releasing a special festive mini-issue! Twenty-seven of the best comic artists working today have contributed to this one-off, and it’s all free to read on the website
The 16-page, full-colour special features idiotic elves, tormented Santas, snowball fights and furious food, not to mention yetis, unicorns, spaceships and culinary kittens. In other words, all the Christmas traditions!

Alongside this, Moose Kid Comics have started a fundraising campaign  to help get comics into children’s hospitals, hostels, wherever they can help raise a smile.

“One of the very first reasons we started Moose Kid Comics was to get comics to children in hospital,” says Jamie Smart, the online anthology’s editor. “It seems the most obvious plan, sharing big, wonderful, colourful comics with children who would really appreciate the entertainment.”

“My co-editor Chris suggested we do a Christmas mini-issue,” Jamie explains. “Around the same time I was wondering how we could set up a fundraiser. The two ideas just merged together, we could share the Christmas special to help promote the fundraiser.

“I approached Readathon, who are an amazing charity putting children’s books into hospitals, and they were excited about the idea of sending out comics too.”


“In this country we’ve almost lost children’s comics from the public consciousness, so this is a good place to start changing that. Sharing comics with children who might be in real need of amusement seems the best use of our craft. I’m hopeful we can reach our target, and perhaps even beat it. The more we can raise, the more good we can do with comics.”

Moose Kid Comics is an annual release, aiming to showcase the talent working in comics today, as well as showing how impressive children’s comics can be. Issues 1 and 2 are both full-colour, 36-pages long and completely free to read or download from the website

“Our Christmas special features a lot of the great names from our regular issues,” Jamie says. “Including Gary Northfield, Rachael Smith, and Jess Bradley to name but a tiny few. What I love about putting Moose Kid together is how different the strips are from each other – we have comics teaching you how to bake cookies, we have photo comics, we have spoof adverts and comics about every aspect of Christmas and the festive season you could imagine!”

“We’ll be back to release issue 3 in the summer. But for now, we’re all about Christmas, and trying to do some real good with comics.”

Teaming up with the charity Readathon, Moose Kid Comics hope to raise at least £2,000, which will fund the printing and distribution of Moose Kid issues 1 and 2 to children’s wards around the UK. The team has already hit their target but every penny helps get more comics to sick kids so no reason to stop now!

Its a worthy cause so get involved head over to and then go check out the Christmas special over at


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