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We’ve mentioned the awesome Doctor Who licenced products before on Geek Syndicate and I’m sure it comes as no surprise to any one that I own three products produced by the company: a grey TARDIS scarf, the Seventh Doctor’s tank-top and umbrella.

Well, the company have announced some more products and my eye may or may not (hint: it may) be on some more of their top quality goods.


Lovarzi Pandorica ScarfFirst up is a lovely silk scarf that features the (fictional) Vincent Van Gogh artwork featured in The Pandorica Opens. Perhaps a little too “patterned” for me (says the man with the question mark pullover), I think this will look pretty snazzy on most folk and is one of those designs that shows a love for the show without being too blatant about it. Indeed – that’s the reason I got hold of the Grey TARDIS scarf. Simple, plain – but with elements of this beloved show.

This scarf will retail at £29.99 in the UK

Short Fourth Doctor Scarf by LovarziAlso on the scarf front comes this new version of the definitive piece of Doctor Who wear – the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. Lovarzi‘s previous version was full length at over six feet and therefore a little unwieldy for day-to-day use. Recognizing this, the company have revealed this shorter version.

Looks good, no? This scarf will retail at £24.99.

Lovarzi Fourth Doctor TieNext up comes the Tom Baker Knitted Tie. Or at least a knitted tie patterned after the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. Nice idea, that!

When it hits stores, this item will retail at £24.99

Seventh Doctor Hanky LovarziFinally, Seventh Doctor fans rejoice. As well as the existing umbrella, scarf and pullover, Lovarzi have now produced a replica handkerchief. These were wrapped around McCoy’s panama hat during his tenure on the show. The handkerchiefs are printed cotton and look like the perfect addition to any convention goer to me. Especially in Winter! The hanky will retail at £24.99

These items will be available to pre-order from next week and will make excellent Christmas (or birthday) presents for me. I mean for any fan of Doctor Who.

Source: Press Release
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