More Guests for Comic Con 2011

Even though we don’t know when Comic Con International aka SDCC  is going to get its act together regarding ticket sales, they’ve just announced more guests that will be attending this year’s show! It’s only January and I’m already getting excited for the summer. I’m also impatient so if anyone could invent a time machine and send one my way, I’d appreciate it.

Some of the newest additions to the lineup are:

  • Sherrilyn Kenyon: Bestselling author of the Dark-Hunter series and the Lords of Avalon series.
  • Grant Morrison: Critically acclaimed writer working in the comic medium, known for such titles as Batman: Arkham Asylum, JLA, X-Men, All-Star Superman and Batman.
  • Steranko: Writer-artist of S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America, and X-Men

To see the full list of guests, check out the Comic Con Website here.

Source: Comic Con International
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  1. Cheryl /

    So pleased Grant Morrison’s going to be there. Already got my ticket and can’t wait!

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