Mortal Kombat Rebirth – New Viral Video Hits the Net

So while seeing what geek news was out there this morning I stumbled across this viral video entitled Mortal Kombat Rebirth. No one seems to know if this is an attempt to relaunch the film franchise, the game franchise or just a few folks who thought it would be cool to knock this up.

The video stars Micheal Jai White who you may remember from the film adaptation based on the comic book series Spawn and more recently he put in a brief appearance as a gang boss in The Dark Knight and the action comedy Black Dynamite. The video also features Jeri ‘Seven of Nine’ Ryan as none other than Sonya Blade.

Check out the vid and see what you think. Be warned though not one for the kids.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Turns out that it’s a plea to get a new MK movie made- hence going further with casting and budget than the average viral video would.

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