Most UK Xbox Live users unaffected by price hike

Move along! nothing to see here!

Yesterday Microsoft announced that the Gold membership prices were changing for US, Canada, Mexico and UK users of there online gaming service. Most people were upset at this, personally i thought we were lucky to go this long with out a hike. The service is excellent and MS are constantly adding new features and improvements. so i would of been happy to pay £50 a year.

Well today news came that will make nearly every single UK XBL user happy! the only change in the UK Pricing is that instead of Paying £4.99 for a month at a time you will now have to pay £5.99! the Quarterly and Yearly options are staying the same as always!

So count yourselves lucky! Microsoft could of quite easily kicked the Price up to £50-£60 a year! and lets face it! as long as the US subscriber numbers don’t dwindle in the next 6 months they’ll probably hike it up anyway since they will know they can do it and not have to worry about losing many customers!


GS Reporter: Matt

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