Move Over, Spartacus…Here Comes Caesar

Lasance_CaesarWhile Spartacus gears up for what is sure to be a spectacular end, Starz may already be looking toward the future.

It’s rumored that the network is considering a spinoff of its hit series based on one of the new characters that will be introduced this season – Julius Caesar.

Taking up the mantle – or the toga, if you will – of the Roman icon is Todd Lasance, an Australian actor well-known for his role on the popular Aussie soap Home & Away. He is one of several new Romans joining the War of the Damned cast, along with Simon Merrells (Marcus Crassus), Anna Hutchinson (Laeta) and Jenna Lind (Kore).

In his portrayal of the future Emperor, Lasance is following in some impressive footsteps. Actors who have come before him include Rex Harrison, Timothy Dalton and my personal favorite, Ciaran Hinds in HBO’s Rome.

If they are indeed considering a spinoff, look for it to add a new layer of complexity to an already wonderfully written show. After all, they’ve got an entire season to really set up the character; there’s certainly a wealth of information and history to play with. I, for one, trust Starz to do it well, and would absolutely love to see this become a reality.


Source: Geeks of Doom
Reporter: Mirjana

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  1. Loved Ciaran Hinds as Caesar in Rome!

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