Movie Lines up a Kick Ass cast


Look at me ma. I'm ready to get my green suited ass kicked!

Look at me ma. I'm getting ready to get my green suited ass kicked...again.



The live action film based on Mark Millar’s Kick Ass comic is coming to life with reports of who will star in this adaptation. For those that don’t know the comic is about a 15 year kid who decides one day to become a superhero. Now this would be great if he he’d been bitten by a radio active spider or been taught martial arts by a blind ninja master in Tibet. Unfortunately for him he has no powers or skills whatsoever and things do not go well for him (the clue is in the title).  I’ve picked up the first three issues of this and loved the comic so definitely check it out if you haven’t already. 

The cast for the movie adaptation so far includes:

Aaron Johnson – Dave Lizewski

Lyndsy Fonseca – Katie Deauxma, Dave’s love interest

Nicholas Cage- Big Daddy, a police officer

Chloe Moretz- Big Daddy’ lethal daughter

Christopher Mintz-Plasse- Red Mist, son of a mobster

Source: Slashfilm

GS Reporter: Vichus Smith

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