MOVIE PREVIEW: A Good Day to Die Hard

The man in the vest is back. No one can deny the impact of Die Hard. One lone man overcomes unfavourable odds to win the day. It may have been the plot for ‘High Noon’, but Die Hard made it fashionable, and more important, copy-able. ‘Speed’ was “Die Hard on bus”, ‘Under Seige’ was “Die Hard on ship”… this simple formula became a template for so many imitators, but no-one did it better than Bruce Willis’ John McClane and his dirty white vest.

So how chuffed am I that Die Hard 5 has just released a trailer – this one-minute clip kicks off with ‘Ode to Joy’ (used so well in the first film) and is packed with massive explosions, shoot-outs, hardware and Julia Snigir unzipping a leather catsuit to expose  her underwear (sorry!). In this fifth film (five years since Die Hard 4.0), McClane is battling Russian terrorists, and this time he’s brought his family for back-up in the form of his son, John McClane Jr, and his daughter, Lucy, played again by Mary Elizabeth Winstead from Die Hard 4.0.

Actually, there’s no sign of the legendary dirty vest, but Willis has held on to his smile & one-liners, ending the trailer with the star calling himself: “The 007 of Plainfield, New  Jersey.”

Just in time for its Valentine’s Day release, the trailer ends with the words: “February 14th is A Good Day to Die Hard.”…  Yippee-ky-yay, Mutha…

Source: YouTube
Reporter: SilverFox

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