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Mark Millar has been out and about stirring up the pot once again! This time he is announcing that there will be a super secret screening of a Comic Book movie!

Press Release:




KAPOW! COMIC CON is pleased to announce a top secret screening of MOVIE X.

MOVIE X is a regular event that will round out KAPOW every year with a secret, surprise screening of a different comic-book blockbuster. This exclusive screening will be the finale to the show on Sunday 10th April 2011 in a 500 seater auditorium in the London Business Design Centre with state of the art facilities. Nobody will know what MOVIE X is until the lights go down, but fans of comic book cinema can rest assured they are in for a special treat. Our only clue this year is that the movie features a solo superhero. Have fun guessing who he is!

In addition to ‘MOVIE X’, the panels, signings, exclusive announcements and portfolio reviews, Kapow! visitors will also be able to enjoy the Comic Fans vs. Pros Game Show hosted by Jonathan Ross and The Stan Lee Awards. Kapow! is one entertainment event that simply cannot be missed.

Kapow! is dedicated to comic books and the movies, TV shows and games they inspire. With an unrivalled comic book guest list which includes Jonathan Ross, Frankie Boyle, Noel Clarke and Stewart Lee who all write for UK news stand magazine CLiNT, plus A-list UK and US comic creators such as John Romita Jr., Dave Gibbons, Mark Millar, Leinil Yu, Paul Cornell and Andy Diggle.

IMPORTANT: The full movie and TV line up will be announced on Kapow! on February 14th.

Tickets for Kapow! are available in advance only, and can be purchased at Tickets will not be available on the door.

For further information please contact [email protected]

Ok this sounds great! what could it be! Could it be Thor? Captain America? Green Lantern? or The Green Hornet?…… my guess would be none of these!

Read the press release again very slowly! nowhere in it does it say Movie X is a new movie! It just says that they will screen and Blockbuster Superhero movie and that no one will know what it is until the lights go down on the night.

I hope I’m wrong, i really do, But if I’m right then Mark Millar and the other organisers are pulling a Bait and switch! Making you think you are going to see one thing only to get there and find out you are actually going to watch “Batman and Robin”. Could Mark Millar truly be that evil! god i hope not!

I hope that all of the people that get in to this super secret screening get to watch Thor or Green Lantern before they come out in cinemas! but i find it hard to believe that Marvel/Disney or DC/Warner Bros. would have a screening like this.

one thing is for sure, Mark Millar knows how to get the internet buzzing.

What do you guys think? let us know in the comments or via twitter!


GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. geeksyndicate /

    I dunno if it will be any of the films you mentioned but I would be really surprised if they made all this fuss for a film that has already been out because of the negative storm that will whip up. I’m playing the wait and see card on this rather than fearing the worst.

    • i hope you’re right Barry. and the negative storm would be huge!

      Not once using the words “preview” “new movie” “first ever screening” is a bad sign. adding anyone of those phrases would not of revealed the secret and proably would of generated more hype.

  2. Mark /

    I think you’re very wrong. Your theory makes no sense. Millar is already playing down his own new film, so it wouldn’t make sense to instead hype an old one. There are other reasons it won’t be The Green Hornet, namely it will already have been released by the time Kapow! is on. You say “i find it hard to believe that Marvel/Disney…would have a screening like this.” I disagree. Marvel have a working relationship with Millar already, as they made his Kick Ass film, publish Nemesis and Superior through their Icon brand,he has written for Spiderman, Old Man Logan, and is hosting the Stan Lee Awards.

    And while he didn’t say Preview, new movie or first ever screening, he clearly says it is an “Exclusive”. It is hardly exclusive if we all already have it at home on DVD!

    • Millar isn’t playing down his own film after all if you pay the £175 for a VIP ticket you get the pleasure of seeing it. i would say that’s hyping it up.

      Also Mark does have a great relationship with Marvel, but Marvel Comics does not control what Marvel Studios does with it’s film screenings. you are DEAD wrong about marvel Making Kick-Ass as they had nothing to do with the film, Marv Films (Matthew Vaughn’s company) and Plan B Entertainment (Brad Pitt, Brad Grey, and Jennifer Aniston’s company) Produced that movie, Marvel’s name was no where near it except they printed the comic.

      As i said i hope i am wrong, i just think the language used in the press release gives me the idea that this is not going to be a big superhero movie! maybe it’ll be a new DC animated Movie like All-Star super man.

      Thanks for your feedback

  3. Mark /

    We’re going to need to agree to disagree on many points Matt. Including the film in the VIP package is not hyping it up, as it’s just one of many things you get in the package. I didn’t say that Marvel comics controls what Marvel Studios does with it’s films, I just pointed out millar already works with a subsidary of Marvel Entertainment. How do you explain that the screening will be an “exclusive”?

    • I do think it’ll be an Exclusive, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be Thor or another BIG movie it could be a showing of “BatmanXXX 2: a porn parody: Electric Bugalo”. or it could be an Exclusive as in only 500 people get to attend the screening or It might be a premier of a animated feature from DC or Marvel. I just find it very hard to believe it will be a huge movie from the big 2 as Kapow is a untested convention. Marvel and DC might wait to see if the first year is a huge success before they allow a exclusive screening of one of their big budget movies. however It could very well be X-men First class, since Mark does have a good relationship with the makers of that movie (ie. Marv Films)

      but as i have said a few times this is all my opinion based on a short press release, it very well could be Thor or Green Lantern! which would be absolutely amazing for those that get to see it. but personally i don’t think it will be. (but i hope it is)

  4. Crimson Archer /

    Seems to me that they’re promoting the idea of seeing a movie with hundreds of other comic book fans as the event, rather than focusing on the film you’ll be seeing as the event. Is quite clever really…

    • Definitely! it’s a brilliant ploy! and it has got everyone talking about Kapow

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