Much Needed Change in Sleepy Hollow

Oh, Sleepy Hollow.

As I’m fond of saying on Twitter, just… oh, Sleepy Hollow.

I adore you. I really do. I love your snark and your dialogue often slays me.

And initially, I loved your plot, too. You were fun and just the right amount of freaky. You hooked me from the moment in the pilot when the Headless Horseman walked down the streets of Sleepy Hollow while Sympathy for the Devil played. I was all in.

Why? Besides said musical genius?

Because of Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills. These two had true chemistry, and the writing and acting that gave them life was frankly surprising and brilliant in your first season. There was a reason you were a breakout cult hit, Sleepy Hollow, and these two were it.

So, when you got a second season, I wasn’t surprised, and I looked forward to it.

But then you went crazy and decided to make said second season all about Katrina. And I mean all about Katrina. Sure, you had a few monsters of the week, your snark was still strong, and you even introduced a new character or two along with some very scattered lovely scenes with our dynamic duo, but mostly, you were obsessed with Katrina. Katrina and all the convoluted witchcraft and flashbacks that went with her.

Now I don’t hate Katrina. I never have. Well, let me rephrase. Even though her character never quite resonated with me, I liked that she existed. I truly enjoyed the fact that Ichabod was eternally and completely devoted to his wife, thus hammering a stake into the hearts of Ichabod/Abbie shippers everywhere. Because one of the best parts of Sleepy Hollow, for me, is that Ichabod and Abbie are truly partners. They are soldiers fighting a common enemy. They are both willing to die for the cause and for each other, but they are not lovers. No, they are more than that. They are family, I want them to remain as such. Everything works better that way, up to and including Ichabod and Abbie.

So I liked that Ichabod was a married man. A truly married man. He comes from an era where divorce was unheard of, even if he would consider such a thing – which he would not – and he would never consider an extramarital relationship. He loves his wife to a fault. Sorry, shippers, Ichabbie was not going to happen!

Yet what a fault loving that woman was! Katrina, as the show went on, was revealed to be at least an accessory to the death of The Weeping Lady. And eventually, surprise, surprise, she sides with her evil child instead of the good guys. This after having lied to Ichabod countless times – enough for him to finally grow a clue and realize that his perfect bride wasn’t all she was cracked up to be.

When you add the fact that every time Katrina was featured on the show, which was nearly every week, it was the same old thing (Oh! My son is still good! I can feel it! And Abraham this and Henry that, and oh so tedious!), well, only one thing could be done to save this show from itself.

The show desperately needed someone to push the reset button. It needed someone to end the eternal obsession with Katrina. It needed someone to save Ichabod from himself, because he was not going to break it off on his own.

Sleepy Hollow managed to do just that in the last two episodes of season two, and I applaud it for that (and, incidentally, for its musical homage back to the pilot in the penultimate episode of this season). And while doing so with a magic spell-reverser seems a bit too convenient, at least it got the job done. Abbie hammered that reset button right into the ground, and it took Katrina with it.

Yes, spoiler alert, Katrina is dead, or as dead as anyone can be on Sleepy Hollow.

Now, despite everything, I was still sad for Ichabod when Katrina died. Because he did love her to a fault, and to have her die by his own hand was brutal.

But again, it had to be done.

Katrina had to go. Henry had already departed, and it was time for mommy dearest to do the same.

The show needed to free itself from its own baggage in order to move on to new stories.

Henry and Katrina’s tale was told. It was done.

Now, I believe that Henry and Katrina are about as dead as Irving was, and that they’ll be back, but hopefully, the powers that be will resist the resurrection of these two and use them as little as possible moving forward. Because right now, Sleepy Hollow can go in any direction, and that’s a good thing.

Sleepy Hollow excelled in its first season, with its monsters and buddy cop drama, and it needs to bring that back. Killing of a huge chuck of its myth arc was the best way to get back to that.

So I say so long, Katrina, and good riddance!

Roll on new stories and season three under new showrunner Clifton Campbell.

The show needed new blood (here in the real world as well as on screen), and I’m looking forward to what that new blood will bring to the screen. Apparently, so are Abbie and Ichabod, if the final words of season two are any indication.

“You ready, Captain?”

“Ready, Leftenant.”

I would have been okay with these being the last words of the series, as I can imagine many adventures springing from them, but I’m glad there are more stories coming my way. Because me too, Ichabod. Me too. Despite my love of open endings and your show’s struggles in season two, I’m ready for more, too. I was worried I wouldn’t get to see you again, my friend, and I’m glad that my concern was in vain.

So bring it on, Sleepy Hollow. Keep up the awesome music and freaky fun, and please only toe the now-crossable line between Ichabod and Abbie, and I’ll keep watching. You got rid of your weakest link, so I’m still all in.
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