Multi-media DVD set of Cerebus: High Society

In August, IDW Publishing is set to release a DVD mega-set of Dave Sim’s Cerebus: High Society. The Cerebus comic book series ran for 300 issues between 1977 and 2004. The High Society storyline ran from issue #26 to #50, and became critically acclaimed as a vehicle for political commentary. It is also widely believed to be the best jumping in point for first time Cerebus readers.

The DVD set features Dave Sim reading every issue in character along with nifty motion and sound effects. It will also include full editorial comments for each issue, giving the readers a real insight into what went on with every issue.

Cerebus means so many things to so many readers, it really is a monumental work of our times.  Having the opportunity to work with Dave and his team to bring this HighSociety set to life—and in this form—is a special experience that we’ll never forget. The creator PERFORMING the story?! It’s a hell of a thing.” – Justin Eisinger, IDW’s Senior Editor Books

The DVD project started off on Kickstarter and the fact that it’s coming more than shows that there is a real appetite for the format. Dave Sim is also currently seeking backers on Kickstarter to help with the restoration and preservation of the entire Cerebus series.CerebusSource: IDW
Reporter: Casey Douglass

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