Multiplayer Reveal in New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

Batman Arkham Origins Logo
Rumours circulated a few months back that Batman: Arkham Origins would have a multiplayer mode, a new trailer just out gives us some tantalising hints.



Warner Brother Interactive Entertainment just released the following trailer for the multiplayer mode for upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins.


You are given the option to either play as either one of three Bane thugs, one of three Joker thugs or Batman and Robin.

If you choose to play as the dynamic duo you will spend the game trying to intimidate the enemy forcing the gang bosses to retreat. Alternatively if you play as one of the two gangs you will play the game 3rd person shooter style attempting to destroy the other team and capturing certain objective points on the map.

Batman Arkham Origins 2


Batman: Arkham Origins is due for release on 25th October 2013 on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U

Source: Comingsoon
Reporter: JMS1701

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