Multiple Warheads Coming for You

Image Comics announce ‘rising star’ Brandon Graham’s latest book, Multiple Warheads. Graham, who Warren Ellis called ‘one of the great talents to emerge in the last ten years’, is best known for his efforts on Rob Liefeld’s Prophet.

Overnight success is often the result of years of endeavour. Graham began his career by writing and drawing comics for both Antarctic Press and Radio Comics in a period from 1996 to 2001. Since 2008, he has worked on comics for both Image and Oni Press (the latter published the first version of this title in 2007). So what can the reader expect from Multiple Weapons? Graham is known for clever wordplay and imagination.

His new book, which he both writes and draws, is no let down. The mini-series (issue #1 will be published by Image Comics in October) features vat-grown radiation-sniffing squids, self-heating root vegetables, musical caffeine cigarettes and organic, mobile palaces. Yet he still focuses on character. The story focuses on Sexica and her boyfriend Nikoli, who happens to be a werewolf, as they travel across an alternative version of Russia while an organ hunter searches for a body missing its head. Sounds intriguing.

Graham, speaking to Comic Book Resources, said ‘I like to think that I’ve gotten more confident and faster in both writing and drawing since the old ‘Warheads’ issue. Plus the Prophet stuff has been good for me to work on something that doesn’t use any of the comfortable tricks I would rely on in a lot of my other work: the puns and sex. I think the way I show women has been going through a change for the past few years.’

The first issue of Multiple Warheads, which is a four-issue, mini-series, is 48 pages long and will be available for pre-order in the August from Image Comics.

Reporter: Ian J Simpson

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