Namco Bandai To Publish Star Trek 2: The Videogame

Star Trek 2, the sequel to JJ Abrams’ 2009 critical and commercial reinterpretation of the Star Trek franchise, is to become a videogame. Namco Bandai snapped up the rights to the adaptation, which is expected to launch on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 around the same time as the movie’s premiere in May 2013.

Trekkies who might worry at yet another lacklustre tie-in game need not be worried, as there are plenty of logical reasons to believe this will be a winner. First, script duties will be undertaken by Marianne Krawczyk, writer of both numerous titles in the award-winning God of War series and the incredibly striking arcade game Shank.

Assisting her will be Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, producers of 2009’s Star Trek, Fringe and – *ahem* – Cowboys & Aliens. Even though the game – like the movie – is yet to receive a final title, it’s understood that the tie-in will not strictly follow the movie’s narrative path, but will instead act as a prequel of sorts.

Secondly, co-op gameplay is to feature heavily; fans can look forward to teaming up as Kirk and Spock as they attempt to halt the advance of a “legendary enemy bent on conquering the galaxy”. Furthermore, Digital Extremes will develop. The Canadian-based studio’s portfolio includes the just-released The Darkness II and co-creating the Unreal series of games.

Namco’s Chris Choi added,

“Working with Paramount Pictures and Digital Extremes reinforces Namco Bandai Games’ commitment of expanding its portfolio to include triple-A western developed games in addition to its popular and well-respected Japanese franchises. Digital Extremes’ attention to detail, and the collaboration with Paramount Pictures and the team at Bad Robot Interactive will create an authenticity that is sure to thrill Star Trek fans and gamers alike.”

GS Reporter: ChosenWarrior85

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  1. Iain ramsay /

    lets hope it going to be better than the last one because it was awful the game play was preeety bad too many bugs in the game poor story to the game lets hope star trek the game is not going to be c o op player single player would be much better for that type of game

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