Nathan Fillion Confirms Castle Season 5

Castle fans you may now breathe again as the news you’ve been waiting for since Monday’s season 4 finale has arrived!

Richard Castle himself aka Nathan Fillon has just confirmed on Twitter that the his Tv show has been picked up for a fifth season.

The pick up is official. Castle. Season 5. Cheers.- @NathanFillion

I must admit to not been that bothered with the show but now I really enjoy it although not so much a fan of the new Chief (loved Montgomery).

Source: Twitter
GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Gates has divided the fans a bit, some like her, most hate her, no one seems to love her…. which isn’t (imho) anything to do with PJG, but the way the character’s been written.

    Now starts the big debates as to just how they move on after the events of ‘Always’

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