Nazis on the Moon? Iron Sky gets a new trailer!

I remember seeing the first trailer for Iron Sky a while back and thinking that I would have to take a look at the finished version as the concept of Nazis launching an attack on earth from a secret moonbase seemed pretty darn cool. This week the production team released a new teaser trailer in the bid to scare up some funds for the project.

The Iron Sky War Bonds are your chance to support the war effort. War bonds have historically been an instrument for goverments to fund wars, and we recon getting a movie about space nazis done is going to be war.

Our “bonds” are numbered sets of Iron Sky swag. There are precisely 2,000 of them. Place your order today and do your part in the fight against space Nazis!

You get a limited edition pack of Iron Sky stuff including:

  1. 16-page Book with very pretty pictures
  2. DVD with the Teaser and two documentaries
  3. A Signed certificate of your support
  4. Official dogtag
  5. Our Grattiude

I really hope the guys can find the money to realise their vision as this second trailer looks the business. It has a real old school sci-fi pulp feel to it and it’s the kind of trailer where I was half expecting to see Flash Gordon or The Rockeeteer to suddenly appear.

Anyway check out the second trailer (and the original trailer) and then head to the Iron Sky website if you want to find out how you can help the production.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Iron Sky


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  1. Am really looking forward to seeing this film. Had the pleasure of talking with the filmmakers last week, what I really like is how they’re still really passionate about community participation, even though this is a bigger film than their last.

    If you’re interested in seeing what they had to say, please stop by

    Thanks, Luci

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