New Back to the Future Viral Video!

I have no idea what this is for! it could be a viral teaser for a new Back to the Future movie or it could be a advert for a Mexican electrical store!

Google translate tells me that the video is called “The Delorean from Back to the Future in Cabildo” 

and the description text translates to,

This is the HD video in the Delorean in Cabildo and Oath (FINAL COMPLETEVERSION). It’s full participation of all Christopher Lloyd (“DOC” Emmet Brown).It was shot earlier today in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I share it with everyone because I had a hard time finding it. The other versions are not in this capacityand are not full versions.
Seeing that we could imagine a Back To The Future IV. Will there be another one?

So…. anyone have any clue what this is for? Reboot for BTTF with Chris Lloyd reprising his role as Doc? or something else?

Source: Youtube

GS Reporter: Matt

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