New Batman Miniseries!

Batman is starring in a new Miniseries called Batman: Gates of Gotham. Scott Snyder, of Sucker Punch and American Vampire will write this Limited Series with Trevor McCarthy on art duties. Set in Old Gotham, Batman must assemble a team to uncover a great mystery stemming from Grant Morrison’s The Return of Bruce Wayne, involving the three big families from Gotham City’s mythos: The Waynes, Elliots and Kanes. This will also introduce some new story lines for Batman in present day continuity.

This series definitely seems one to not miss! As a huge Bats fan, I’m super excited for this Limited Series and will definitely buy it. But what do you think? Are you planning on buying this series, or are you tired of so many Bat-books clogging up store shelves? Tell us in the comments, or send me/us a Tweet!


GS Reporter: Tom

Source: DCU The Source


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