New BBC Three Zombie Drama ‘In The Flesh’

Continuing on the latest sci-fi trend, “In the Flesh” is a new drama mini-series currently being cast for production by BBC Three. Set in the North of England in a small village, the drama will be set after a zombie uprising has occurred. Details of the scale of the uprising, are currently unclear and the official synopsis states:

“Now known as PDS Sufferers (Partially Deceased Syndrome), these former zombies have been caught, treated and, armed with their flesh cover-up and special contact lenses are now returning to their friends and families who previously thought them dead.

“Our hero is called Kieren Walker, a 17 year old who committed suicide four years’ ago when his best mate Rick died in Afghanistan. He didn’t leave a note, and is now returning to a village that always rejected him and a family who never got to say goodbye.”

Dominic Mitchell is the head writer, and Johnny Campbell (who previously directed the Doctor Who episode ‘Vampires in Venice’) is set to direct.

The initial story will be explored over three episodes. The series is keen to explore the implications of the dead becoming re-animated, and the effect this phenomena has on living relatives as well as the wider world. The AMC Studios TV adaptation of the comic ‘Walking Dead’ is currently on its third season, and with mid-season ratings of approximately 5.4 million viewers seems to be a continued success.

So what do you think of the current crop of Zombie themed entertainment? Is the concept getting stale or is there life in the corpse yet? As casting is still in process there are no promo shots available but keep your eye on Geek Syndicate for any upcoming new updates!

Source: BBC
: Faintdreams

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