New Characters Added for True Blood Season 6

TrueBloodlogoEven though the new season of True Blood won’t be airing until later on this year (probably over the summer), details have emerged on new characters and cast members, including a former Eastenders star.

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It’s mostly new humans that are joining the Bon Temps gang, but there are a couple of supes thrown in there as well. Let’s start with them, shall we?

First up is Blade Runner alum Rutger Hauer, who has been cast as Macklyn – a powerful and sinister vampire who is connected to Sookie and Jason. If you’ve been watching the show, especially last season, it’s pretty easy to guess who Macklyn is, and his importance to the story going forward. Really looking forward to the way they play out this story line, as I’ve found it to be one of the more interesting ones from the past few seasons.

Joining him on the supernatural side is Rob Kazinsky, who starred on Eastenders from 2006 – 2009. He will be playing a faerie named Ben. Unsurprisingly, Ben is next on Sookie’s hit list of supernatural love interests. We’ve already had vamps and a werewolf (and a shifter, if you count Sam), so why shouldn’t the fae be represented?

There are a few new human characters as well. Arliss Howard (Moneyball, Medium) is taking up the leadership mantel as Louisiana governor Truman Burrell. Definitely look for him to be a new thorn in the collective sides of the vampires, as his wife ran off and left him for a vampire.  Sure to be at odds with the governor is his daughter Willa, who will be played by Amelia Rose Blair (Royal Pains, The Glades). Willa is much more sympathetic to the vamps than her dear dad, so there should be some interesting clashes there. Rounding out the non-supes is Jurnee Smollet (Friday Night Lights), who will be playing a character called Nicole.

Sounds like there’s some interesting stuff happening – can’t wait to see what happens!


Source: Den of Geek
Reporter: Mirjana

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