New Comedy Web Series ‘Adults Only’ Comes Online

A new web series  about the comedy adventures 80’s Olympics gymnast who ends up running an adult video shop is now online and it’s actually pretty funny.

When I first got this sent through for the site  I wasn’t sure about the show but I then watched the first episode (a little over 8 minutes) and found myself having a chuckle quite a few times throughout the episode. So far it’s the two members of staff  who work at the adult video shop and the brother-in-law who owns it are the ones to watch but hopefully the rest of the cast well get their moment to shine as the series goes on.

Jason M. Burns ,one of the creators of the show also hails from a comics background, which is always cool to see.

Named Best Indie Writer of 2008 by the Project Fanboy Awards, Jason M. Burns made the leap into the comic book industry in 2004 after being approached to write a short story for [email protected]: Rough Cut, Volume 1.  Since that time he has written and created a number critically-acclaimed and commercially successful comic book series, including A Dummy’s Guide to DangerCurse of the Were-Woman, and The Expendable One, which is being developed into a major motion picture by Intrepid Pictures.  Most recently Burns has spent time writing for other people’s creations, crafting comics and graphic novels for such recognizable properties and brands as ShrekMegamindJerichoPocket GodKung Fu PandaRichie Rich,Fraggle Rock, and Child’s Play, while also working with on-screen talent, including Law & Order: SVU’s Christopher Meloni. – PRC

 ‘Adults Only’  is one of those things that shows what’s cool about web and the freedom it gives people to try this kind of stuff out rather than trying to just get it on TV.

Have a watch of episode one and see what you think.Like I said  it’s a little over 8 minutes so it’s a nice, quick and easy watch over a lunch break.


Adults Only

It’s Ed meets It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Rating: PG-13

After winning a pair of gold medals at the 1988 Olympics, gymnast Chance Rioux became America’s Sweetheart, but times change and even the shiniest of medals eventually give way to rust.  Now America’s Forgotten, Chance must accept a job managing his brother-in-law’s adult video/novelty store in order to make ends meet, all while trying to conceal his identity from the public, particularly a new love interest who serves as the trigger in his reinvention of self.

Starring:  Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), Danny Nucci (Titanic, The Rock), Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills 90210, The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Sebastian Bach (lead singer Skid Row), Brianna Brown (General Hospital, Showtime’s upcoming Homeland), Ronnie Marmo (General Hospital, West of Brooklyn), Adrienne LaValley (best known for being the National Floors Direct spokesperson), and Todd Poudrier.


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  1. Loved it, can’t wait to see more!

  2. I didn’t love it, and I think the lead is the worst actor in the cast.

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