New Dark Judges Series To Hit Stores September

I’m quite partial to the Dark Judges. I mean, Judge Dredd is pretty bad-ass but when you look at the Dark Judges with their withered skin and hellfire eyes…it’s just creepy. Well there is a new Dark Judges series coming this September, prompted by artist Dave Kendall experiencing a strange dream and deciding it would be great to release his own take on the Dark Judges created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland. This he did, and these new versions will land in their own strip in 2000 AD Prog 1946 which is released on September 2nd under the title of Dreams of Deadworld.

The four-part series is set on Deadworld, the home of the Dark Judges, those happy people who declared life itself to be a crime. The story follows what happens to the four (Judge Death, Judge Mortis, Judge Fire, and Judge Fear) after they have slaughtered the entire population but before they discover the dimension jumping technology that lets them travel to Mega-City One. Each episode will focus on a Dark Judge in turn.

“So, a nightmare come true. An unheard of thank you, for the early morning wake up by my children, which allowed these versions of the Dark Judges to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light. Also, much gratitude to friends and colleagues on social media. Their support gave me the confidence to approach Tharg with these beasties.” – Dave Kendall.

Check out a couple of preview images below. I think you’ll agree, they look bloomin’ great!

dreamsofdeadworld (1)

dreamsofdeadworld (2)

Source: 2000AD / Images © Copyright 2000AD
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