New Dystopian Horror Novel The Bottle Stopper Available For Pre-Order

Not all families fit the Hollywood image of smiling supportive happy people, it’s just a sad fact of life. Maeve, the character in Angeline Trevena’s new book The Bottle Stopper is yet another person who has to find this out the hard way. Living with her abusive uncle and working in his apothecary shop bottling his medicines, she begins to think about a way to escape and she doesn’t much care if others have to die on her path to freedom.

That sounds dark enough, but the backdrop of this tale is a world 100 years forward in time from our own in which the birthrate of girls is at an all time low. Women turned to the state for protection but at the cost of their own freedom. By the sounds of it, her uncle might only be one of the things Maeve must worry about.

“Angeline Trevena, with her ever fertile imagination, creates dystopian visions of the future that are both innovative and chilling. ” – Tony Benson, author of dystopian thriller An Accident of Birth.

The Bottle Stopper is book one in The Paper Duchess series and is available to pre-order on Amazon at this link and is slated for release in October 2015.


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