New Film Production Company PiaPressure Open For Submissions

Money might not be everything but it certainly helps, especially if you are a filmmaker struggling to find the funding for your latest great idea. If this applies to you, you might want to check out new film production company PiaPressure. The newly launched production company aims to help new, emerging and under represented talent find the support and nurturing it needs to get going in the industry proper.

PiaPressure was created by award-winning filmmaker Pia Getty, producer James Durrant and director Johnny Kenton; all three are big supporters of the creative arts.

The PiaPressure Award is the part that will be most exciting to filmmakers, giving them the chance to gain up to £25,000 of investment in their project, becoming life peers and joining PiaPressure’s network, should their application be successful. They will also be expected to donate some of their time in helping other less experienced or new filmmakers as part of the deal. Submissions are open until June 21st 2016.

You`ll notice that I said filmmakers and not new filmmakers when I first described the PiaPressure Award. The PiaPressure Award is aimed at teams with a proven track record. Fear not if this isn’t you! There is also a New Voices Award aimed at people who aren’t quite as far along the film-making path, which pays up to £5,000 should you meet the criteria and are successful in your application. Visit the PiaPressure website below for the rules and information about each award, and the best of luck if you put your idea forward!


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