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The Train2Game initiative is a blended learning scheme aimed at bringing interested students into the game-development industry. This is an excellent scheme that offers opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic. This year, the initiative’s students launch four studios that will produce games for Apple Devices. Of special note (to me anyway) is that their first releases will be based upon the awesome Fighting Fantasy gamebook series and they’re doing so with the help of Epic Games. For more information, see the press release after this break.

Watch out for Commando Kiwi, Derp Studios, Digital Mage and Indigo Jam, new game studios launching in 2012

Train2Game students have been working with Epic Games to create four new studios and release their first titles in 2012

Date: Students studying Train2Game courses are launching four new development studios in 2012 as part of ‘Make Something Unreal Live,’ a competitive process designed to accelerate their careers by giving them the tools and resources needed to release games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this spring. The first titles released by the studios will be based on the Fighting Fantasy series of books created by Ian Livingston and Steve Jackson.

Train2Game and Epic Games have created the ‘Make Something Unreal Live’ competition where students are challenged to create their own studios and develop games for the iOS platform using Epic Games’ Unreal Development Kit (UDK). The winning studio will receive a full source, commercial Unreal Engine 3 licence for iOS as well as gain invaluable professional experience in the games industry.

As part of the competition process, students competed in the Train2Game and Epic Game Jam last November. The Game Jam had teams facing off against each other to create full games to a set deadline and to a professional brief. Continuing this process, students have created four new studios from their original teams to launch games at this year’s The Gadget Show Live. At this huge event, they will reveal their new projects to the world, each finalising a full game for distribution. Key industry icons will be on hand to aid and advise with game designs as the studios compete to win a full Unreal Engine licence and a holiday to Aquacity in Slovakia,

Train2Game Course Director, Tony Bickley, said: “Train2Game courses aim to teach students how to work professionally in the games industry. Helping them launch their first studio gives them invaluable, hands on, in the field experience of what it’s like to create and distribute their own games.”

The games are being developed using Epic Games’ UDK, the free edition of the award-winning Unreal Engine 3, helping students gain experience with tools used by leading studios around the world. During the process, students have their work reviewed, critiqued and mentored by a series of Train2Game tutors, current industry leaders and game specialists. The final games will be distributed globally on the App Store and launched at this year’s The Gadget Show Live, the premier consumer show taking place from April 10-15, 2012 in Birmingham, UK. 

To follow the studios visit:

Commando Kiwi


Twitter: @CommandoKiwi 

Derp Studios


Twitter: @DerpStudios

Digital Mage


Twitter: @thedigitalmage

Indigo Jam


Twitter: @Indigojamgames

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Source: Train2Game Press Release

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  1. I should have taken a serious look at this career option 20 years ago. Now my only option would likely be in management. I bet that would be pretty interesting, too.

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