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Geek Syndicate was invited to a special event to see 20 minutes of the next Iron Man film. Check out our preview after the jump.

Caution: Spoilers Ahead.


There is a lot riding on Iron Man 3 for a number of reasons, including that it has to up what the lackluster Iron Man 2 delivered. It also has to follow the 3rd grossing film of all time, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. Lastly, it is the first film in Marvel’s cinematic Phase Three, so it has to set the tone.


Over the past few months we have had various lengths of trailers, teasers and TV spots. Most of these have included the attack and destruction of Tony’s beachside mansion. The main clip we saw was the actual attack by the Mandarin’s forces. I will not go into fine detail but rather give a feel and overview of what to expect.

It starts with a knock at the door by Maya Hansen who is a key player in the plot line that includes the Extremis arc from the comics. After some cute dialogue between the two and Pepper, the attack happens with a missile ripping into the side of the mansion.  At this point everyone is thrown around and Tony knows that Pepper is in danger.




This is where it gets cool as Tony sends the armour flying onto Pepper so she can save Maya. Once they are both safe, Tony calls the armour back onto him to stop the attack and survive the onslaught. This goes both good and bad, as he ends up falling to the bottom of the ocean trapped under his destroyed mansion. Does he survive? Well, let’s just say he gets a helping hand that is so cool.

The next scene is what happens next as Tony finds himself in middle America crashing into the snow. Knowing his armour is dead he finds a family’s garage/workshop to stash it and make repairs. It is here that he is confronted by a young boy with a potato gun. They chat and form a bond.

The final scene is a very short one showing the Mandarin arriving to film a video message.

Each segment delivers different themes for the film of action and new technology – then we get a quitter moment that showcases a return to the original film where Tony is stuck building his armour in a modern cave and then we get the threat or big bad.

Overall the film looks amazing apart from some ropey CGI at the start but I am assuming this is not the finished reel.

It certainly delivers on all fronts and feels like a return to form for the solo adventures for our golden Avenger.


Source: Iron Man 3
Reporter: Montoya

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